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Trim (Ingredients)

 Ingredients and Benefits of The Natural Body Trim

Garcinia Cambogia 1300 75% standardized HCA herbs benefits:

It is far more than just a fat burning, metabolism boosting, appetite suppressing supplement. Some additional benefits it provides are:

  • Lowers cholesterol
  • Strengthens immune system
  • Improves mood by increasing serotonin
  • Relieves constipation
  • Increases exercise endurance
  • Fights against depression.
  • Checks your cholesterol levels to get you healthy heart.
  • Boosts your energy levels and helps you combat the weakness caused due to weight loss.
  • Suppresses frequent hunger pangs and checks the unnecessary binging on food.
  • Increases the body’s metabolism to get lesser fat deposition despite having more calorie intake.
  • Works as anti-depressant and stress buster that further helps you achieve your goal faster.
  • It increases your health quotient as a whole by regulating blood sugar, cholesterol, and fat.


Potassium Benefits:

Potassium is a chemical element with the symbol "K" from the neo Latin word kalium, and has atomic number 19. Potassium occurs naturally in ionic salts and is found in lakes and seabeds. These natural ingredients are dissolved in seawater or are found as elements in many minerals. The most common format for potassium is as an ionic salt.

This naturally occurring compound is important as a blood electrolyte, along with sodium and chloride. Potassium is a key mechanism removing Sodium (which has the chemical symbol "Na") from cells in the body via a process known as the Na+/K+ ATPase pump. The body needs potassium in order to work this pump and remove sodium. Sodium is dangerous if it builds up in cells and this is why it is often advised to reduce sodium consumption and increase potassium, especially if one has high blood pressure and/or cardiac dysfunctions. Magnesium is also important in helping to maintain potassium in the cells.


Potassium is important for the following bodily functions:

  1. A normal supply of potassium is important for preventing certain muscle contractions. A person who has a depletion of potassium may find that they have symptoms of muscle contractions and muscle weakness and also experience Pins & Needles.
  2. A shortage of potassium in the body's fluids can result in a fatal condition called hypokalemia. This disorder can result after the person has had a significant period of vomiting or diarrhea, for example.
  3. Being low in potassium can affect human nerve transmission as the Na+/K+ transfers across cell walls and creates electric potential that powers the conduction of nerve impulses. When potassium leaves the cell, it changes the membrane potential and allows the nerve impulse to progress. This electrical potential gradient, created by the "sodium/potassium pump" (Na+/K+ pump) helps generate muscle contractions and regulates the heartbeat. When the body is low in potassium this current is harder to maintain, as potassium is the primary cation (positively charged ion) within the cells.
  4. Other human medical disorders can result from a depletion of potassium including ECG abnormalities, a decreased reflex response, and paralytic ileus.
  5. More severe deficiencies of potassium can result in respiratory paralysis, alkalosis, and cardiac arrhythmia.



Calcium Benefits:

Calcium is absolutely essential for bones and teeth, but they are not the only part of the body that rely on calcium.


Health Benefits:

Calcium does more than just promote strong, healthy bones. This mineral supports nerve and muscle function, regulates cell communication and controls the production of insulin and other hormones. Calcium also plays an important role in preventing several health conditions.

Getting the appropriate amount of calcium may prevent or treat several conditions including:

  • Osteoporosis – The body requires calcium to build and maintain strong, healthy bones. As people age, they lose bone density, leading to bone fracture and osteoporosis. Calcium fortifies the bones and muscles.
  • High Blood Pressure – Research suggests that calcium is linked to lower blood pressure levels.
  • Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) – Calcium has been shown to decrease symptoms of PMS, including headache, moodiness, bloating and food cravings, by up to 50%.

Additionally, calcium is important for preventing other health conditions such as stroke, colon cancer, obesity, and hyperparathyroidism.



Chromium Supplements Benefits:

There are primarily two common forms of chromium; One type of chromium is a toxic waste industrial by-product. The other form of chromium is a mineral nutrient that is essential to proper functioning of many systems in the human body. The body does not produce chromium, so it must be obtained through the diet. This mineral is only needed in trace amounts but can be found in a variety of food sources and supplement forms.


Chromium Health Benefits:

This nutritional element is important in determining how food is processed in the body. Chromium is beneficial in the breakdown and metabolism of foods into energy, especially carbohydrates and fats. This mineral also regulates how excess energy is stored in the body, as well as how insulin is used in the body.


Because of its ability to control metabolism and storage of carbohydrates, this mineral is beneficial in helping the body to use insulin more effectively, which helps to control blood sugar levels in the body. Several studies have been performed to determine the effectiveness of additional chromium for diabetics, but there have been conflicting results. More studies are needed to determine the actual dosage and effectiveness for treatment of diabetes.


High Cholesterol

Since chromium is beneficial in the metabolism and storage of fats in the diet, it has been shown to help with cholesterol levels in the blood. While studies have been conflicting in the actual effectiveness of chromium to lower total cholesterol levels, this mineral has been shown to raise levels of good, or HDL, cholesterol. More studies are needed to determine the proper dosage required for health benefits.


Heart Health

By regulating blood glucose and cholesterol, chromium may have some protective benefits to heart health. However, some studies have shown that too much chromium by way of supplements can actually harm the heart. Further research is needed.



Gelatin Benefits:

Gelatin benefits include the following:

  1. Improves Gut Health and Digestion

Similarly to collagen, gelatin is beneficial for preventing intestinal damage and improving the lining of the digestive tract, thereby preventing permeability and leaky gut syndrome.

Finally, gelatin is capable of absorbing water and fluids, which helps prevent fluid retention and bloated stomach while improving constipation.

  1. Protects Joints and Lowers Joint Pain

Collagen and gelatin have gained notoriety for easing symptoms of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Osteoarthritis is common in older people and considered the leading cause of frequent joint pains. Gelatin and collagen help stall chronic inflammatory responses, which reduces pain and stops progressive disease that lead to impairments in joint function, such as degenerative joint disease.

  1. Helps Improve Sleep Quality

Certain studies have shown that gelatin helps people who continuously experience trouble falling asleep, can’t sleep or who have general unsatisfactory sleep if they take three grams before bedtime. Glycine also seems to improve sleep in a different way than traditional sleep medications or hypnotic drugs, which normally means less drowsiness and side effects the following day are experienced.




  1. Lifts Your Mood and Improves Cognitive Abilities

The amino acid glycine is considered an “inhibitory neurotransmitter,” which means it acts similarly to some anti-anxiety or antidepressant medications, only without the unwanted complications and side effects.

  1. Improves Skin Health

Worried about your skin developing wrinkles, sun damage, stretch marks and other signs of aging? Here’s some good news: Consuming gelatin (and taking collagen directly) can help improve your appearance thanks to its positive effects on skin health and cellular rejuvenation. Collagen is considered a primary building block for skin and is partially what gives skin a youthful, healthy appearance.


  1. Helps Maintain Heart Health

One of the most beneficial roles that gelatin plays in the body is neutralizing chemical compounds that we acquire from eating meat. Animal products including meat from chicken, beef, turkey, etc., along with eggs, are high in a type of amino acid called methionine.

It’s not that you need to cut out all animal products in order to become healthier; rather you need to make sure you balance out the types of nutrients you get from your diet. If you have a diet that’s high in meat/eggs or low in animal products in general (you’re a vegetarian), you want to consume substances like gelatin to make sure you get a range of important amino acids in healthy amounts.

  1. Maintains Strong Bones

Our bones require a steady supply of nutrients to maintain their density and strength. Gelatin is rich is nutrients like calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, silicon and sulfur, which help form bones and prevent fractures or bone loss. Those nutrients are also great for bone healing. Researchers now believe that gelatin (collagen hydrolysate) can act like a safe, therapeutic agent for treating osteoarthritis and osteoporosis, even when used long term in chronic disorders. (8)

  1. Helps You Feel Full

Just like protein foods and other sources of protein, certain studies have found that taking gelatin supplements (up to about 20 grams) helps increase satiety and control hunger hormones. (9) While it hasn’t been proven to be a helpful weight loss tool, it seems capable of increasing satiety hormones like leptin and lowering appetite hormones like ghrelin in obese adults.



Microcrystalline Cellulose:

Microcrystalline Cellulose is a connective agent added to prescription drugs, over the counter medications, and dietary supplements. Microcrystalline Cellulose is also known as cellulose.

Microcrystalline Cellulose comes in a powder form which then goes through a chemical process to be used as an additive in supplements to benefit the wellbeing of individuals concerned with fitness and their overall health.

Microcrystalline Cellulose provides many benefits when it is used as a connective agent in prescription drugs, over the counter medications, and dietary supplements. Microcrystalline Cellulose allows the creation of an unbreakable pill or tablet.

Microcrystalline Cellulose is also used to prevent thickening in many food products due to its texture and chemical makeup. Microcrystalline Cellulose is often used in whey protein powders and drinks containing whey.

Microcrystalline Cellulose can be purchased in powder form if you wish to mix up your own supplements and need to use Microcrystalline Cellulose as an excipient.


Magnesium Stearate:

Magnesium stearate is a white powder that combines the essential mineral magnesium and the saturated fat stearic acid. It provides a small amount of magnesium, but it's primarily used as an inactive ingredient in the pharmaceutical and supplement industries to produce pills with more consistent dosing.

Magnesium stearate provides a small amount of magnesium, as it consists of about 4 percent magnesium. You need magnesium for keeping your blood sugar and blood pressure at healthy levels, forming DNA and protein and keeping your muscles and nerves working properly. Women need at least 320 milligrams per day, and men need at least 420 milligrams per day for good health.


Silicon Dioxide:

Silicon is known as a beautifying mineral and there are also many health benefits associated with it. It not only causes the strengthening of connective tissues and bones, but is also useful in taking care of nails, hair and skin. The health benefits of silicon also play a vital role in the prevention of atherosclerosis, insomnia, skin disorders and tuberculosis.

Silicon is a vital trace mineral required by the body for strong and flexible joints, glowing skin and stronger bones. It is basically present in the human body in the form of either a derivative of silanate or silicic acid. It is also necessary in the diet as it increases the overall benefits of vitamin D, glucosomine and calcium.

Prevents Deformities in Bones

Prevents Alopecia: Alopecia, or thinning of hair, is caused due to the intake of a refined diet that lacks nutrients, specifically silicon. The health benefits of silicon encourage the growth of thick and healthy hair. It also increases the luster and shine of hair.

Maintains Skin Appearance

Prevents Brittle Nails: Silicon plays a very significant role in the maintenance of nail health. Silicon helps in improving the quality of nails and protecting them against several nail infections so your fingers remain attractive and strong.

Helps Strengthen Bones: Silicon is necessary for the maintenance of skeletal health. It elevates the deposition of different minerals like calcium in the bone tissues.