Razor Chic Of Atlanta

Razor Chic of Atlanta

After many DM's and emails I decided to tell my 500k followers on Instagram how I lost over 75 pounds. Yes I did  the Cleanse and Trim. I still use the natural product. Most of you know me as Razor Chic of Atlanta. I am the author of How To Grow Your Instagram Followers From 0 to 500K and I created the Instagram Master Class From 0 to 500k. I remember this post card at the Bronner Brothers Hair Show were the stylist went crazy over the Cleanse and Trim. 

I share a lot of my pictures on Instagram and Facebook.

Melissa Bryant

Another Success Story (Lost 70 lbs)

Hi, I'm Melissa Bryant.

I'm a single parent woman. 

Mother of 4 lovely kids

Gained a lot of weight after having 4 children

Made a life style change using Natural Body Now

I am an Interior Decorator and I love shopping 

FB: Melissa Bryant

IG: @melissab773